Relevant Involvement, Symbolic Value, and Status Consumption in Purchasing Wellness Hotels Services

Karen Daniele Lira de França, Marconi Freitas da Costa, Cristiane Salomé Ribeiro Costa, Anderson Gomes de Souza


This research aimed to measure how the relevant involvement, the symbolic value, and the status consumption could influence the intention of purchasing wellness hotel services. For this purpose, a quantitative survey was conducted through an online survey. In total 445 questionnaires were answered, and the data were analyzed by multiple linear regression analysis. The results proved that the proposed variables used in the theoretical model had a positive influence on the consumer’s intention to purchase wellness hotel services, except for the symbolic value, that is showing to be inversely proportional to the dependent variable, revealing no symbolic characteristics of physical activity for consumer decision. The relevant involvement with the product/service demonstrated that consumers who consider physical activity as an important factor in their lives are more willing to purchase services in this type of hotel. Besides that, there was a confirmation of the influence of status consumption on the consumer’s buying decision, highlighting the individual’s concern about others’ opinions on their image. The main contribution of this research is the identification that the search for wellness hotels has a double appeal, the relevance of the service, and the status provided by this type of consumption.


Relevant Involvement; Symbolic value; Status Consumption; Wellness Hotel

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